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Basic Info

Growing up, people wear labels like a crowns on their heads, some wear it with pride while others are crushed by its weight.

People would often tell me to start acting like a man. Those were the words I grew to hate as a child and I still hear it to this day. I was capable of doing it but as they ordered, all I did was “act” like one. I was nothing but a little King wearing a crown, laden with the burden of leading a kingdom; a kingdom otherwise known as my life.

To shed tears is considered a weakness and thus, people born as biological males are discouraged to do so. However, being born a male and having all these expectations thrown upon me, am I not at least allowed to cry about it?

“All kings cry sometimes, big or small”

Now I’m a not so little king. People still tell me what to do and there are some that loathe my very existence; they are not a part of my Kingdom though. I am the King of my own life and should anyone try and disrupt this peace I have suffered for, I will defend it at all costs.

You are who you are and as an Artist I believe you should live your life the way you want. If you identify as a male, then so what if you cry? If you identify as a female, then who cares if you aren't submissive? If you identify as anything else, why should you let others tell you who you should be?


Status: Full

• Semi-Realism Basic Scene +3 characters (Deposit Paid)
• Semi-Realism Basic Scene (Paid)
• Anime Bust (paid)
• Anime Body (pending)

You're welcome to still inquire even if the slots are full. If desired, I can send a note when a commission slot is available.


Basic Info Part 2

How to order
Firstly, send me a note through any one of my sites (preferably through Deviant Art). From there, choose a category from bellow and describe your request. If you are unsure of which category your commission would fall under, feel free to ask. From here, if I am able to accept the commission, we can negotiate a price. Keep in mind I do not do refunds so please be very specific with your requests if possible; references will be required.

Once we have finished the arrangements, please give me the email you use for Paypal (I will accept no other form of payment). From there, I will send you a quote with the amount of money required.

Please note that I will not begin working until either you have paid me fully or at least put a 20 percent deposit.

Things I Can't Paint

• Gore
• Mecha
• Vore
• Anything too obscene (You can inquire. I won't judge)
• Animals (Critters and simple ones are fine)

NOTE: There’s nothing wrong with this but I just don’t feel like I can successfully portray what you desire.

Sketches are done by me on paper and enhanced through Photoshop and are in black and white only.


Starting at $15 USD

Digital is done through Paint Tool Sai and enhanced through Photoshop. Please note that this will take a considerably longer amount of time than doing traditional. However, prices might be reduced if the request is in black and white.

Front Bust

Starting at $25 USD


Starting at $35 USD

As opposed to Anime, Semi-Realism has more realistic facial features and proportions. This takes the longest time to complete so please be reasonable if you require a deadline. (1 month minimum)

Basic Portrait

Starting at $60 USD

Basic Scene

Starting at $80 USD

Extra Characters
By default, these prices are for one character. However, each additional character costs extra on top of the base price.

Additional Character: $10 USD



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Omg....... if I knew three weeks prior that you were drawing me something for xmas then I would have drawn something for you too Q_Q *is drowning in tears of gratitude... and commissions* Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 
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Thanks for the fave! Feel free to check out my Facebook page for more art. :D
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